The Lost Lennon Tapes

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Westwood One Original Broadcast

Source : MP3   Released: 1988-1992   Company: Westwood One

(From Wikipedia)
The Lost Lennon Tapes was an American music documentary series presented by Elliot Mintz, comprising a three-hour premiere episode and 218 one-hour episodes, broadcast on Westwood One Radio Network between 24 January 1988 and 29 March 1992. The premiere episode (which can be found at this link) features an introduction from John Lennon's wife, Yoko Ono, explaining why she chose to give Westwood One Radio access to the tapes on which the shows' content is based. She described the selection of Elliot Mintz as the presenter not so much as a choice, but a "karmic destiny", as Mintz had been a close friend of the Lennons for some time.

Some of the recordings featured throughout the series also appear on the Beatles Anthology documentary series, which began three years after the final broadcast of this radio series.

This is a 25GB downloadable zip file of all 218 episodes in mp3 format.

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