Family Ritual

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Source : CD -> MP3   Released: 1999   Company: Independent

Produced by Family Ritual
Recorded by Family Ritual at Briar Hill's Kitchen, The Eldorado & Armour Boulevard; Dominic Salole at Mocky Recordings and at The University Of Toronto with Keith Power; Andrew St. George at Number Nine Sound with Rick Rokicki; Rich Greenspoon at Sterling Sound; Jono Grant at Victory Drive Recording, Toronto Mixed by Andrew St. George at Number Nine Sound

Musicians: Ira Rosenberg (vocals, keyboards, harmonica, tambourine), Jon Stancer (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion), Dina Torrans (vocals), Peter King (bass, electric guitar), Chris Sutherland (drums), Rich Greenspoon (percussion, drums), Dominic Salole (samples, double bass, drums), Ellen Jung (violin), Lynn Kuo (violin), Lance Ouellette (viola), Julie Jung (cello), Dean Stone (drums), Sarah McElcheren (trumpet), Brian Cram (trumpet), Kyle Novak (trumpet), Trevor Hogg (tenor sax), Chris Richardson (trombone), Oliver Schroer (violin), Elliot Sairan (electric guitar, lap steel), Jim Bish (saxaphone), Jono Grant (lap steel)

1. Symbology   5:04   
2. The Eyes And Ears Knows   3:30   
3. Poor Virgin   3:31   
4. God's Not Answering The Phone Today   5:04   
5. The Way We Choose   3:09   
6. Bloody Hounds   4:23   
7. Lost In L.A.   5:39   
8. I Need You More Than You Need Me   4:02   
9. Joker   3:58   
10. Dreamdestiny   5:19   
11. Rare Bird   2:19   
12. Goodbye   5:48   
13. I (See It Differently)   4:32   
Total Time: 56:13