Frank's Adventure

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Frank's Adventure were a great Toronto live band who were around during the early 90's let by Frank Prather. This is the only album of theirs which I'm aware of. I bought it at a show at Clinton's Tavern.

Source : Cassette -> MOV -> AIFF ->MP3   Released: 1991

Band Members:
Frank Prather - L.Vox, Rhythm Guitar, Bongos, Dumbek
H.Roderman - Bass, Timbales
Rob Greenway - Drums, B.Vox
Mary Hanson - Keyboards
John Gzowski - L.Guitar & R.Guitar
Trudy Artman - B.Vox
Rico Rodriguez - Congos, Vibraslap, Woodblocks
Colleen Allen - Saxophone, B.Vox

1. Blood Runs Red   4:11   
2. Ogopogo   4:45   
3. Success   4:34   
4. Eye Of The Storm   5:49   
Total Time: 19:17

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