Mermaid Cafe

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Grant Avenue Demo

Source : Cassette -> MP3   Released: 1990   Company: Independent

Mermaid Cafe was an acoustic Toronto band from the late 80s and early 90s. Joe Moon went on to form Taksi Rider before joining the band Euphoraphonic (Purperloid). He is also known as Joseph Coat and Joseph Greenbaum. Merrill Nisker went of to form the band Fancpants Hoodlum and then The Shit before transforming herself into Peaches.

Band Members:
Andie D. - Guitar and Vocals
Merrill Nisker - Guitar and Vocals
Joe Moon - Guitar and Vocals

1. City Streets   2:49   
2. Back Of A Cadillac   3:40   
3. Curiosity   3:18   
Total Time: 9:46

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