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Smash '83

Source : Cassette -> MOV -> AIFF -> MP3   Released: 1983   Company: Independent

I don't really know too much about this except I bought it on ebay due to the fact that there was a very rare version of Rheostatics doing "Thank You" by Sly And The Family Stone live at the Cabana Room in 1983. It is a very eclectic yet very interesting mix of late period punk and early new wave from a variety of Toront bands, most of which I have never heard of. Some of the more interesting cuts are the formentioned Rheos cut as well as 2 live cuts from the band Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos, The Sturm Group who's quite interesting history can be read about at Punk History Canada.
Here is Alan Murrell's account of the Kinetic Ideals song on the tape:
"So here's a short history of the song. The song is called Statue Stare and was written during a period when Jon Davies our original drummer had left the band. We actually were on Mannequin records before this demo was recorded. Our previous releases with Mannequin were a 7" single in 1980 called "Life in Shadow" and then an ep in 1981 called Reason and another ep in 1982 called Angular Sky. In late 1982 we decided to go with a drum machine instead of finding a new drummer so we picked up a Roland 606 and wrote a batch of new songs Statue Stare being one of them. I believe we went into Sheridan College to record it as I was in Media Arts at the time. We really enjoyed writing with the 606 as it never got tired while we were trying to come up with songs. I think most of the songs on our next release A personal View were written using the 606. We eventually decided we wanted something a little bit more beefier in the drum machine department so we ended up selling the 606 (to Dave Howard of the Dave Howard Singers fame) and getting a DMX. Dave Howard still uses the old 606 he bought from us! We ended up dropping the song from our sets as it didn't fare too well with the DMX."
Kinetic Ideals were on Mannequin Records - home of Ceramic Hello and the first Spoons single.

It may not be your cup of tea but from a historic perspective this is a really interesting piece of early 80s Toronto music history. The full cover and instert are copied below.

1. David Howard Singers - What Christmas Means To Me   4:57   
2. Rick Robertson - Belong To Love   2:47   
3. Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos - Standard Toy   3:32   
4. Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos - I'm A Part   5:19   
5. Big Deal - White Christmas   2:37   
6. Dead Brezhnevs - I'm Not In Love   1:31   
7. Disband - One Man Army   3:08   
8. Diatribe - Apocalypso   3:21   
9. The Sturm Group - Die Sher Bin Stasse   3:27   
10. The Bayview Village People - Merry XMas Everybody   3:20   
11. Lucky Strikes - Put Your Cat Clothes On   2:32   
12. The Young Lions - Pray For Julie   3:37   
13. Deadlines - Saccharine   2:43   
14. Cult Of Reason - Initiation   3:25   
15. Fatal K.O. - Inside Scene   1:50   
16. The Points - In The Park   2:26   
17. E.B.S. - Glass Slippers   5:07   
18. Ugly Motels - Not For Me   1:31   
19. TBA - Through My Fingers   2:27   
20. Toybox - Kiteboy   2:32   
21. V-Necks - Sand Overdose   2:29   
22. Space Phlegm - Holiday   3:10   
23. Dr.Limbo - Stack Of Dollars   3:05   
24. Mark Malibu And The Wasagas - Wasaga Run   2:30   
25. Crash Kills Five - Oddy Knocky   2:13   
26. Rheostatics - Thank You   5:19   
27. The Young Lions - Folsom Prison Hardcore   1:24   
28. Kinetic Ideals - Statue Stare   6:27   
29. Tape Rewinding   0:59   
Total Time: 1:29:34

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